Director, camera, editor:       Lisa Molomot
Producer:                             Rona Richter
Editing consultant:                Jacob Bricca
Additional cameraman:         Sascha Wanner
Music:                                  Ted Reichman
Designer:                             Jeanne Criscola
Sound mix:                          Mike Ryan
Advisor:                               Eren McGinnis

Lisa and Rona filming
Photo by Christian Lanzendoerfer

The making of:
  • In September 2011, Lisa and Rona began filming the forest kindergarten in Langnau am Albis, a small town near Zurich, Switzerland.
  • In January 2012, Linden Tree Films received a grant from the Cultural Commission and the Board of Education of the town of Langnau am Albis, Switzerland.
  • In early February 2012, our cameramen, Sascha Wanner, filmed the forest kindergarten in the cold, snowy weather.
  • Lisa and Rona returned to Switzerland for the final filming in May 2012.  
  • Filming in "regular" kindergarten in Connecticut in May 2012.
  • Internet fundraiser on Indiegogo (live May 7th until June 21st, 2012). Goal of $5,000 was achieved!
    Click here to view images and comments on the Indiegogo fundraiser.
  • We received additional funding from arts supporting foundations. 
  • Over the summer of 2012, Lisa worked hard on editing the film. 
  • A work-in-progress screening was held in Langnau in September 2012, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the forest kindergarten program.
  • In the fall 2012, we put the finishing touches on the film, such as sound and titles.
  • The film was completed in early 2013, exactly as planned.

Our Thank You goes to: Georges & Jenny Bloch Foundation, Jizchak & Denise Schaechter Foundation, Langnau Board of Education, Langnau Cultural Commission, and to Sarah Abbot, Rebecca Abbott, Christein Aromando, Philip Aromando, Katrin Artho, Ascended Health, Dayna Bandman, Leslie Bannon, Cornelia Beguelin, Michele Bolliger, Morgan Bricca, Matthias Brunner, Daniele Buehler, Henan Cheng, Nancy Clayton, Ann Dargan-McDonald, Doris Des Arts, Elaine DiNovio, Ann Donnery, Samuel Dubno, Suzanne Fields, Dana Fisman, Finn & Sam & Caleb FullHands, Patrice Gerber, Lindsey & Evan & Chloe Gotlib, Vivian Gotlib, Ronald Gregg, Dr. Marcy Guddemi, Claudia & Urs Haag, Michelle Hampson, Janet Hicks, Katharina Hoettermann, Barbara Honnegger, Paul Horton, Corinne d'Huc, Alexander Jenny, Heather Jessen, Jeff Jonathan, Myra Jones Taylor, Nora Kao & Jurgen DeMoor, Helen Kauder, Michael Krauthammer, Doris & Dr. Willy Krauthammer, Christian Lanzendoerfer, Beth Levison, Barbara Lindsey, Jennifer Marlon, Eren McGinnis, Claudia Menolfi, Joan Molomot, Anne Neu, Suzanne O'Connell & Matthiew Christopher, Laura Palumbo, Famille Pamelard, Marion Paolini, Julie Parr, Elena & John Perego, Marc Richter, Marion Richter, Denise & Daniel Schaechter, Michael Streibel, Manuel Strickler, Elisabeth Stucki, Prakash Thomas, Vanessa Tredwin, Veda Truesdale, Ursula Vonlanthen, Jennifer Weintraub, Barbara White, Patricia Wipfler, Aicha Woods.
And to the parents and children of the forest kindergarten in Langnau am Albis, and at Edgewood School kindergarten in New Haven.
And to Jacob, Michael, Rory, Alan, and Mia!



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